Instagram Takeover: Who should be in Charge?

A @blackyellow Insta Takeover is not to be taken lightly! Millions of you follow us on social media and for that, we are highly grateful. When we hand over the keys to our account, we hand over the attention of you - our supporters all around the world. That's why we want to let YOU choose how will be in charge of our Instagram account for one day.

On today's menu, we have a selection of our team where each candidate can be considered an entertainer in its own right.

Our Candidates

Mats Hummels: Our #15 knows how to entertain a crowd. With his podcast, "Alleine ist schwer" he and his brother draw the attention of thousands of fans every other week. Should he be in charge of blackyellow for a day?

Roman Bürki: Our #1 is with us since 2015 and is undoubtedly a cornerstone of our strong defense. Besides his quality on the field, he also knows how to crack a joke and would certainly make for a good social media director for one day. Should he get the keys?

Jadon Sancho: Wearing the #7, Jadon Sancho is the youngest guy to score more than 30 goals in the Bundesliga. But besides that, he surely knows how to have a good time! If he should be in charge, let us know!

Thomas Delaney: Our #6 is not only known for what some might describe as aggressive leadership on the field. His entertaining side is something he mostly shows in the changing room. Giving him the keys will give him the chance to show this not just to the team, but all blackyellow followers! Should he get the keys?

Vote now for who you think will make the best social media director for one day!


Hummels #15
100,00 %
Bürki #1
Sancho #7
Delaney #6